Your membership entitles you to exclusive health & lifestyle benefits.


Palsgo health & lifestyle benefits are built on a national network of professional services providers carefully selected to provide access to affordable services day or night.

Telehealth plan with no copays or deductibles.

Doctors can be hard to reach when illnesses occur, or sometimes you just have a question. As a Palsgo member you'll have access to a national network of U.S. board-certified physicians. This plan provides:

  • Medical consultation services with a Telehealth network physician by phone or online for any nonemergency illness.

  • Payment for the cost of your medical diagnoses.

  • The Telemedicine physician will advise you if a serious illness or injury requires an in-office or emergency room visit. 

Discounts for prescription drugs, diabetes testing kits and supplies.

If one of our doctors writes you a prescription, you can get it filled at thousands of pharmacies in the U.S. Your discount can save you up to 80% off the price of generic medications and 60% off name brands.

  • Your doctor or our licensed Telehealth Plan physicians may prescribe medications that can be filled either in-store or online by a pharmacist. By law, doctors cannot prescribe over the phone any opioids (such as Vicodin or its generic equivalent).

  • There is typically no cost for shipping on-line orders.

  • Prescriptions for medications that are eligible for discounts when filled by our network pharmacists either online or in-store at one of our 67,000 U.S. contracted pharmacies.

  • By law opioid prescriptions are not covered by this plan because those prescriptions require an in-office or emergency room visit. 

Attorneys can help you with many legal issues.

Should a legal issue arise, pre-negotiated discounts for legal services are granted to Palsgo members.

  • One of our provider's network attorneys will consult with you by phone to determine the type of legal representation you require. This initial consultation costs you nothing.
  • With this plan, you are provided special legal representation rates for such issues as traffic violations, child custody and support, divorce, name change, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, business and real estate transactions. 
  • The Legal Services Discounts plan also provides you a 25% legal rates discount for many other legal matters.
  • If you fail to pay any amount due after applying the discount, the Legal Discount Services provider may suspend service to you until the bill is paid.

Identity restoration specialists are there in case you need them.

In the event you are a victim of identity theft, a fraud specialist will help you restore your identity to pre-theft status. Our provider's team will work on your behalf to restore your information privately and effectively.

  • With this plan a personal identity restoration team will be assigned to you should your identity be stolen.
  • Types of identity restoration include replacing your credit cards, legal documents, travel documents, and bank accounts to pre-theft status.
  • You'll be required to provide necessary information to help restore your identity. This may include such items as credit card numbers, and bank account numbers to assist the provider in resolving your problem.

Becoming a Palsgo Member.

It's important to understand how your Palsgo membership and the health & lifestyle benefits work before you start your membership.

Joining as a Palsgo Member


You have a choice of how many months you join as a Palsgo member. At the time you start your Palsgo membership, you may elect to buy Palsgo membership for yourself only or for yourself and other family members. You will have to pay a separate membership fee for each additional family member you join.


When you complete an online membership form, you can choose to join from one month to 12 months. At that time, you will need to pay the entire membership fee for whichever membership term you choose. Once you join, you will receive an email with information on how to access lifestyle benefits with information about how to contact each provider.


Once you join as a Palsgo member for the first time, it will take 48 hours from the time you start your membership before you can begin using your new lifestyle benefits. That's because the provider organizations need this time to input your personal data into their systems so you can have access to your lifestyle benefits. If you renew your Palsgo membership promptly before your membership period expires, your access to benefit services will continue without interruption. 


Shortly before your membership is due to expire, you will receive an email reminder that your Palsgo membership will be ending. At that time, you can elect to continue your membership for yourself alone or for yourself and other family members. Each time you renew your membership, you may choose a different length of time for membership and add or delete family members from coverage. 


What Palsgo Offers 


Palsgo offers access to lifestyle benefits through our contracted providers. Your membership entitles you access to Telehealth, where you can contact a doctor by phone or online anytime day or night and in many cases receive a diagnosis and prescriptions, which are discounted up to 80% at member pharmacies where they can be filled in-store or online. You also receive two other lifestyle enhancement benefits: discounted legal services and identity protection.


We are constantly contracting with other providers to improve our lifestyle benefit services. As a Palsgo member, you'll be notified as new services become available through our contracts with new providers. You'll have the opportunity to enhance your current enrollment by adding these new services at that time.


When You Use a Discounted Benefit Service


By using a discounted benefit service, such as prescription drugs or legal services, you must pay the provider any sums due over and above the discount you receive. Failure to pay for these services could result in the provider terminating your access to the service until any outstanding balance is paid.


Palsgo Member Services Restrictions


Currently, all Palsgo Member services are designed for people traveling to the United States or living within the United States. Outside the United States, there are some restrictions on your use of benefits due to licensing requirements for physicians and pharmacies. That's because all the suppliers are U.S.- based and physicians often cannot prescribe medications to be filled outside the U.S. Many legal services discounts and all identity protection benefits are available both inside and outside the U.S., although some types of legal action can only be brought in U.S. courts by attorneys licensed in the states where the action is brought. The Legal Discount Services provider has attorneys throughout the U.S. so you can schedule appointments or pursue a court case anywhere in the U.S.


There are some restrictions on what physicians can prescribe over the phone. These include all opioid prescriptions which are governed by federal and state law. If you have a serious medical condition that requires an in-person visit to a doctor's office or an emergency room, the Telehealth physician will advise you. 




If you decide to cancel your membership either at the end of your paid period or before that period ends, it will take up to 72 hours for your cancellation of membership to take effect, and you will be responsible for any charges you incur from providers who offer discounted services. Because we must pay all service providers for your entire enrollment period at the time you enroll, we cannot under usual circumstances refund any portion of your membership fee for unused days, if any, of the membership period for which you have paid. To cancel paid active Palsgo Member benefit access, you must make this request in writing and submit it via email to:




Palsgo may provide refunds in its sole discretion for membership periods paid beyond the month in which you cancel your active membership. There can be no refund for the current month because Palsgo has already paid in advance the benefit services providers for your membership for the current month. Refunds for future prepaid months are available only under conditions where access to benefits is unavailable due to circumstances under Palsgo's control. Palsgo cannot assume responsibility for any technology problems of independent provider organizations.

Membership Information Verification


To ensure that the membership information supplied when you become a Palsgo Member is correct, Palsgo may contact you by telephone, mail, or email to verify your personal contact information. Palsgo reserves the right to request further information from you if it is needed to activate your account. By enrolling as a Palsgo Member, you agree to provide any further information needed to process your enrollment. If you do not provide any additional information requested within 14 days of such request, Palsgo may reject your registration and subscription or suspend your registration and subscription until you provide the missing information. Subscription cancelations of this nature are not subject to refund. No credit check will be made as part of your enrollment.

Age Restrictions and Safety


You hereby represent and warrant that you are currently eighteen (18) years of age or over (or twenty-one (21) years in places where eighteen (18) years is not the age of majority) and you are capable of lawfully entering into and performing all the obligations set forth in this agreement. Palsgo reserves the right to refuse membership to under age persons unless their membership enrollment is accompanied by a consenting adult. Otherwise, no persons under the age of eighteen (18) years (or twenty-one (21) years in places where eighteen (18) years is not the age of majority) may directly or indirectly view, possess or otherwise use the Palsgo membership services.


Palsgo is not responsible for your use of the membership services or for the actions of other users with whom you may exchange information or have contact. Palsgo does not conduct criminal or other background screenings of its users. Palsgo also is not responsible for activities or legal consequences of your use in locations which may attempt to criminalize or limit your personal interactions. You must make your own informed decisions about use of the member services in your location and assess any potential adverse consequences.




Please review the Privacy Notice on Palsgo's website where you enroll for Palsgo benefits to understand the measures taken to ensure your privacy and the security of your credit or debit card purchases.

Paid Palsgo Membership by Third Parties


If your Palsgo membership fee is being paid for by a third party, such as an employer, an association, or other corporate entity or individual, and that third party cancels further payment for your Palsgo membership fees, either in full or in part, you may continue your active Palsgo membership by paying the membership fee yourself. To begin coverage by paying for it yourself, you must contact Palsgo and sign onto our website: It is to your advantage to pay your initial membership fee before or on the date payment by a third-party ends. If a third party cancels further payment for your Palsgo membership, that party has an obligation to notify you of its intent. However, Palsgo will send you an email notice that payment by a third party is ending and the date it will terminate so you can choose to enroll yourself and any family members you want to cover. If you don't submit payment for continuing your Palsgo membership, your active membership will end and access to Palsgo benefit services will terminate unless or until you make pay membership fees for continued coverage.

Palsgo and Palsgo Provider Organization's Terms and Conditions of Service


Each provider of Palsgo's health and lifestyle benefit services sets its own terms of service for access to its benefits. These terms are stated on each individual provider's website. By paying your membership fee, you have 30-day access to Palsgo benefits and you agree to accept and abide by terms of service stated here and on Palsgo's provider's websites. By using the benefits, you automatically agree to adhere to each provider's requirements and to pay any fees due over and above the provider's discounts for prescription drugs and legal services. This acceptance of terms of service and company policies applies to you and to any other family members you join. If you or your family members fail to abide by a provider's terms of service, the provider can terminate your use of their benefits by yourself and any other persons you have covered as Palsgo members. Termination for failure to adhere to the provider's terms and conditions will not allow us to refund any unused membership fees under any conditions.


When you become an active Palsgo Member either by paying your membership fee, by having your fee paid by a third party, or by having complementary membership through your employer or organization, you automatically agree to abide by Palsgo's Member Information stated herein. You are urged to read all the rules and conditions on each provider's website before you make use of the benefits.