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Individuals have little or no power to negotiate costs of products and professional services. But our providers do. As a result, Palsgo members are empowered with purchasing power!

Virtual Healthcare provided by Lyric


When it's time to see a doctor, our physicians are available to you day or night.

Doctors can be hard to reach when illnesses occur, or sometimes you just have a question. As a Palsgo member you'll have access to U.S. board-certified physicians through the Access a Doctor app powered by Lyric's national network of physicians.


As a new Palsgo member, you should contact Lyric within a week of becoming a member to complete a summary of your health care information. By having your background health information on file, Lyric can keep it for a physician when you call with an illness. This will save you time if getting a physician promptly when you need one.


When you call or visit Lyric online, a representative will set up a time for a physician to contact you, normally within two hours. Urgent services typically covered are:


  • Medical services with a network physician by phone or online for any nonemergency illness such as cold or flu, pink eye, skin irritation/rash, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, fever, headaches, or sore throat.
  • There's no fee for your phone or online visit with a network physician.
  • The network physician will advise you if a serious illness or injury requires an in-office or emergency room visit.
  • Prescriptions are written for most diagnoses that require medications. There are a few exceptions. By federal law, no prescription can be written for certain strong painkillers such as opioids, except by a doctor you see in an office visit.


Once you become a Palsgo member, you can access this plan by downloading the Access a Doctor mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

Virtual Mentalcare provided by Lyric


Mental healthcare benefits are vital to our well-being.

Lyric provides virtual consultations with a licensed mental healthcare counselor for a variety of problems, such as anxiety and fear in your daily life, or specific concerns about behavioral problems that you or your minor children may be experiencing. On average, you can have up to five to seven virtual sessions on any one issue.


Help is avaialable 24 hours a day. 

Presciption Medications provided by RxValet


Discounts for prescription drugs, diabetes testing kits and supplies.

Our prescription drugs provider, RxValet, offers you sizable discounts on thousands of medications when you pre-pay online. You can have your prescription filled at any retail pharmacy in the U.S that is part of the RxValet system. Most major pharmacy chains are associated with RxValet. Palsgo members are eligible for discounts if a Lyric doctor prescribes a medication during your virtual consultation. You can also get prescriptions filled at RxValet-associated pharmacies when prescribed by any U.S. licensed physician. Prescriptions for ongoing medications that you take daily over time are also eligible for RxValet pharmacies to fill, and the prescribed medications will be mailed to your home. 


RxValet's online portal allows you to search your medication, pay online and take a digital or printed voucher to a pharmacy that's convenient to you. Or you can have your medications delivered to you. Either way, you can save up to 80% off the retail price of medications and 66% off many name brands. RxValet has access to several sources for prescription drugs, including international pharmacies in Canada, so they are continually seeking the best price for medications.


  • Your doctor or Lyric's licensed physicians may prescribe medications that can be filled either in-store or online by an RxValet pharmacist. By federal law, doctors cannot virtually prescribe any opioids (such as Vicodin or its generic equivalent) during an office visit.
  • The price you see on RxValet's online portal is the discounted price and there is no cost for standard shipping with home delivery orders.
  • Prescriptions medications are eligible for discounts by first placing your order at RxValet's online portal. Once you've paid online you can choose among 70,000 retail pharmacies to fill your prescription including Rite Aid, Publix, CVS, Walgreens, Target, and many more.
  • Save big on most diabetic supplies which are shipped to you at regular intervals, usually for a three-month period.


When you become a Palsgo member, you can access this plan by downloading the RxValet mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

Legal Services provided by Legal Access


Our Legal Services Discount Plan is here for you.

As a Palsgo member, if you should need a lawyer, our Legal Services provider offers you a 25% discount for most legal services, except crimnal law cases.


  • One of our provider's counselors will consult with you by phone to determine the type of legal representation you require. Then you'll be fiven contact information for an attorney in your area who can handle your case. This initial consultation costs you nothing.

  • With this plan, you are provided representation for such issues as traffic violations, child custody and support, divorce, name change, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, business and real estate transactions. You'll be responsible for paying the attorney for the remaining legal fees after the discount is applied. 

  • If you fail to pay any amount due after applying the discount, the Legal Discount Services provider may suspend service to you until the bill is paid.


After you become a Palsgo member, you can access this plan by calling the Legal Access hotline. 

Identity Theft Protection provided by IDX


Protect your identity with our identity theft protection plan.

IDX is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, the Federal government, and 40+ million individuals who are served by IDX. As a Palsgo member, you will be able to access their services with a call to IDX from anywhere in the world.


Your Palsgo membership includes monitoring the 'dark web' for misuse of your information. If you want this level of protection, you should enroll through IDX's online portal. Once your information is recorded in their system, monitoring services are provided at no cost to you.


In the event you are a victim of identity theft, a fraud specialist will help you restore your identity to pre-theft status. Our provider's team will work on your behalf to restore your information privately and effectively. 


  • A personal identity restoration team will be assigned to you should your identity be stolen.

  • Types of identity restoration include replacing your credit cards, legal documents, travel documents, and bank accounts to pre-theft status.

  • You'll be required to provide necessary information to help restore your identity. This may include such items as credit card numbers, and bank account numbers to assist the provider in resolving your problem.


Through Palsgo's dedicated hotline, you'll join millions of individuals in protecting their identity.

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