Palsgo delivers access to essential services for an incredible price.

Get virtual services on-demand.

We found that people from all walks of life are asking the same question – how do I get essential health & lifestyle services now? 


Palsgo answers by delivering access to professional services designed to be there for you on-demand especially when you need them most.

What's the monthly cost?

Our $23.95 per member per month (plus tax) fee allows unlimited access to members anytime day or night. 

Virtual Health & Mental Care

Unlimited virtual healthcare with no copays or deductibles.

Prescription Drugs Discounts

Get up to 80% off for prescribed medications plus diabetes equipment and supplies.

Palsgo members have access to our national network of attorneys through a legal services plan with discounted fees. Included in your Palsgo membership at no extra cost is an identity theft protection and restoration services.  

Enrollment is easy.

In four easy steps you can enroll yourself, a family member, an employee, or a friend.

Palsgo for everyone.

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