Finally, a monthly membership with access to virtual services built just for you.

There's something to celebrate!

We built Palsgo for people who have limited access to essential virtual health & lifestyle services, are on the move traveling, working from home, or living anywhere in the United States.

Palsgo for everyone. Palsgo for life.

If you are a contract or gig worker, a full or part-time employee, a student, a small business employee, self-employed, or between jobs, you are eligible to become a Palsgo member.


Your membership provides access to essential virtual health & lifestyle services including Healthcare, Mentalcare, Prescription Drugs, Legal Services, and Identity Protection.

Virtual Health & Mental Care

Visit a doctor 24/7 by phone or online - no copay or deductible.

Prescription Drugs Discounts

Up to 80% off generic drugs and discounts on other drugs.

Legal Services Discounts

Accidents, traffic violations, or divorce are all covered.

Identity Theft Protection

Keep safe or restore your name and credit in the event of theft.

Palsgo Gives.

Palsgo Gives, our fundraising program that seek customers, rather than donors, to generate recurring monthly revenues.

By offering memberships to Palsgo's virtual health & lifestyle services people want and need, at prices they can afford, organizations receive a portion of the monthly dues.

With Palsgo, one-time events can become everygreen sources for sustaining worthy causes. It's our heart, and mission, and duty to support nonprofits in their charitable work.

Becoming a member is easy.

It only takes four easy steps to complete the membership application. Once activated, you can access professional services from virtually anywhere using your phone, tablet or computer. 

Our memberhip is meant to fit your life.

Learn more about essential health & lifestyle services you are entitled to as a Palsgo Member.

Palsgo for everyone.

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