Finally, a monthly membership with health & lifestyle plans built just for you.

There's something to celebrate!

Introducing Palsgo.


We built Palsgo for people who have limited access to health & lifestyle plans, are on the move traveling, working, or living anywhere in the United States.

Palsgo for everyone.

If you are a contract or gig worker, a full or part-time employee, a student, a small business, or unemployed, you are eligible to become a Palsgo member.


Your membership provides access to valuable health & lifestyle plans including a Telehealth Plan, Prescription Drugs Discounts, Legal Services Discounts, and Identity Restoration Plan.

Telehealth Plan

Visit a doctor 24/7 by phone or online - no copay or deductibles.

Prescription Drugs Discounts

Up to 80% off for generic drugs.

Legal Services Discounts

Accidents, traffic violations, or divorce are all covered.

Itentity Theft Restoration

Restore your name and credit in the event of theft.

Becoming a member is easy.

It only takes four easy steps to complete the membership application. Once activated, you can access health & lifestyle plans virtually from anywhere using your phone, tablet or computer. 

Our membership plans are meant to help fit your lifestyle.

Learn more about health & lifesytle plans and the types of services you are entitled to as a Palsgo Member.